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The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation

The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation supports a variety of organizations, with an emphasis on institutions dedicated to education, healthcare, athletics, and Jewish causes. This website chronicles the work of the foundation and hopes to encourage others to engage in philanthropic giving.

My personal history of giving began when I was a student at Brown University. In my sophomore year, I became President of Brown’s Hillel chapter and was inspired by that organization’s commitment to enriching the Jewish people and repairing the world. I went on to become President of my class at Brown, a position I continue to hold almost forty years later.

These experiences cemented my belief that giving back to my community and to humanity at large provides personal as well as societal enrichment. I have gone on to support numerous educational institutions, hospitals, Jewish organizations, and other excellent non-profit groups. I created the Hirschfeld Foundation to expand my personal efforts.\r\n\r\nI Elie Hirschfeld, encourage you to learn more about the foundation and its beneficiaries, and I welcome your comments.

Elie Hirschfeld