Residential Real Estate Continues to Drive Growth and New Opportunity in New York City

elie-hirschfeld-drives-growth-1Elie Hirschfeld has been a leader and visionary driver within the highly competitive New York City Real Estate market for decades. This market is one of the most dynamic and profitable in the world, and few know it better than Mr. Hirschfeld.

Elie Hirschfeld was recently invited to participate as an expert presenter at the Titans of Business event produced by Haute Living, on April 28, 2017. The event featured the leaders dominating the residential real estate market in New York City, including Don Peebles, Billy Macklowe, Mitchell Moinian, Bruce Eichner and Michael Stern in addition to Mr. Hirschfeld.

elie-hirschfeld-drives-growth-2At the event, Mr. Hirschfeld noted his inventory of luxury free market rentals in Tribeca, the Village, Sutton Place, the Upper East Side and other highly desirable neighborhoods throughout the City. As the free market apartments come up for renewal, leaders in this industry explore and compare the luxury for sale market against the luxury for rent market.

This in combination with several other approaches to market analysis, helps hone their understanding of how a prospective renter or the renewal of the current renter might proceed themselves in the market in the alternatives of buying versus renting.

Real Estate developers also rely on the brokerage community to rent units and this provides another opportunity to learn from the market activity and expand their continually growing perspectives of the market. If local buyers or renters were to disappear, foreign regions cannot come to the rescue – this market is highly local in terms of its drivers, and influences.

Interestingly, there are many luxury rental tenants, who believe they save a great deal of money, rather than buying. In addition, many tenants have their home rental costs paid by their local employer, who certainly wouldn’t buy them an apartment.

Mr. Elie Hirschfeld has been a leader in this exciting industry through many ups and downs of the global, regional and local markets and has studied key industries that real estate intersects with and is impacted by, on an ongoing basis.

His understanding of this fast-moving, complex industry, combined with his talent and vision have positioned him as a knowledgeable source for industry groups such as Haute Living and the Titans of Business.

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