The Philanthropic Mission of the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation

The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation and its founder Elie Hirschfeld view philanthropy as the voluntary promotion of human welfare.

The foundation is dedicated to supporting worthy organizations in four key areas:

Education. Elie Hirschfeld is committed to supporting Brown University, where he received his undergraduate degree and now serves as Trustee Emeritus, and New York University, where he attended law school. The Hirschfeld Foundation also supports a number of schools and universities attended by the Hirschfeld children.

Healthcare. Elie Hirschfeld began his philanthropic efforts in this area after his first two children were born at Roosevelt Hospital. The Hirschfeld Foundation now supports additional hospitals that have partnered with Roosevelt, including St. Luke’s, Beth Israel, Long Island College Hospital, and the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Elie Hirschfeld currently serves on the Board of Trustees for all these healthcare institutions.

Jewish Causes. The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation supports the synagogue attended by Elie Hirschfeld, as well as the Jewish National Fund and the City of Beitar in Israel. The foundation takes particular pleasure in supporting the Weizmann Institute, an Israel-based organization that is also an international leader in health research, scientific advancement, and education.

Athletics. The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation supports a variety organizations related to Elie Hirschfeld’s athletic interests, including the Central Park Conservancy,, and the New York Road Runners Club.

Organizations in other areas are not excluded from consideration for support from the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation. Diverse beneficiaries of foundation funds have included the Hudson Swim for Life, the Alan T. Brown Foundation, and

Elie Hirschfeld frequently accepts leadership roles in organizations supported by the Hirschfeld Foundation. As a board member or trustee, he is able to gift his skills and connections as a successful real estate developer and businessman in service of institutional goals. Direct involvement in the philanthropic and charitable process often enhances the results of generous giving.